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Conscious Parenting Support and Education

– from our home to yours –



Sweet Home Parenting

Hello and welcome! I am so happy you're here. My name is Haley - mama, wife and early childhood educator. I’ve hung up my teacher hat for now, so you’ll find me sipping coffee and raising my 2 little babes, all day, everyday. 


Raising children is one of the greatest joys this life has to offer, but my goodness, can it be difficult! The hard stuff, with a little bit of grace, wrapped up in a whole lot of research-based practices can so quickly become the good stuff! Every one of us has the power to show up daily as the peaceful parent we want to be and as Marianne Williamson said, “There is simply no effort more radical in its potential for saving the world than a transformation of the way we raise our children.”



Courses and Coaching 



Welcome to Parenting with Intention! Learn to discipline with firmness and kindness, have fun as a parent, and set the foundation for important social and life skills. Help your child feel a sense of belonging and significance through mutual respect and encouragement.

This online workshop will empower you with tools to stay connected and curious in the midst of challenging behavior. We’ll find your balance of kindness and firmness to discover non-punitive, respectful methods for reducing conflict and chaos. ⠀


Coaching options returning soon!!


1:1 consulting on the parenting topic of your choice! Your parenting journey is unique and exactly your own, that's the beauty in it. We will work together to align your personal values and support your individual parenting style.


Specializing in Early Childhood Education and Development, Montessori Pedagogy, Respectful Parenting, and Positive Discipline - we have you covered with any questions you may have regarding home education and/or parenting. 


Parents & Teachers Recommend


Brittany W.

"As a school psychologist and previously working with younger kids, I thought I had a good understanding of all the things that would be coming my way with my 20 month old son (developmental leaps, temper tantrums, etc., boy was I wrong. I was lucky enough to have Haley to help guide me through certain phases and offer great suggestions that worked in our home. Haley is more than just a teacher and an expert in her field, she is an inspiration and a mentor in many ways. Her patience and loving demeanor are like none that I've seen. Her pure love for Montessori and helping others is what makes her a phenomenal educator, and I would highly recommend both her coaching and Parenting with Intention Course!"

– Alex C.

"Haley is one of the kindest, gentlest souls who has an incredible way of bonding with and understanding children, but also a unique ability to connect with the parents as well. As a first time Mom, so many people throw advice your way and it can be completely overwhelming and make parenting seem like the world's most daunting task. I found Haley to be a complete breath of fresh air -- she offered her expertise in such an approachable manner that made me feel more confident as a new parent. She's encouraging, kind and completely empowering for parents and children alike -- it's an incredible gift that I feel so fortunate to have been given. I cannot recommend her coaching enough to parents with children of all ages -- I can't wait to follow along and continue to grow as a parent with guidance from the best!"

– Aly B. 

Haley is raising a generation of parents which will, in turn, raise a generation of kinder and emotionally intelligent children. This class has helped me to better understand my toddler and meet her needs. I can already see the results of completing the course: my child is empowered and confident and fulfilled, and our family is peaceful. Haley’s class was a gift for our family, but also a gift to me personally especially during COVID. Her methods have helped me better manage work and motherhood during this period in a way that doesn’t mean I’m depriving or neglecting any aspect of our hectic lives. I don’t feel like I’m struggling anymore. Rather, I’m enjoying every minute and in awe of my child’s development, which I get to observe through this new lens.

- Angelica L.

"I am so grateful every day that I found Haley, her coaching, and her course, because she has literally changed my life. I hope one day to be able to explain to my children how fortunate we are to have found her, and what a difference she has made in their lives"


- JoAnna W @Positively_Parenting

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