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From Power Struggles to Collaboration

This FREE mini course is perfect for parents easing into adding more positive discipline and respectful parenting into their homes. In just 25 minutes, you will learn helpful tools to implement into your lives TODAY! Dive even deeper with your 20 page workbook, included in this jam-packed mini course!

If you are pulling your hair out day after day wondering how in the world you keep ending up in power struggles with your toddler or preschooler - you are not alone. It is exhausting! Where and how do we begin to shift toward collaboration instead of battles though? Well, right here! We've got you covered. 

A peaceful home starts with you. Yep. Doesn't it all start with us? Exhausting! It would be wonderful if we could say, "man oh man I just have a super defiant child and I can't do a thing to help our relationship!" But, at the end of the day, it is on us to understand our children and their needs. 


The true measurement of a good parent is not how the child behaves, but how the parent behaves” – Unknown


Have you ever found yourself in a power struggle with a toddler? You are not alone! I often hear from parents that their child is, "just being difficult!" or that they, "say no to everything all the time!" 


While our toddlers striving for autonomy and asserting their independence is entirely normal, healthy, and even important in their development - there are also ways that we can make this time more peaceful and intentional for all of us. In this mini course we will uncover the positive and respectful parenting tools that increase collaboration and decrease those power struggles!

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